Our in house team conducts scientific and medical research and trials looking for breakthroughs to transform lives of everyday people.


Innovation is the life blood of our institution and we constantly re-evaluate current practices to improve upon them.


Providing the community with up to date information without the confusing medical jargon.

Welcome to International Institute For Ethical Health Care

We are an international group of medical experts, doctors and academics who all have one goal in mind: to provide ethical health care to anyone that seeks it.

We value the importance of integrity and ethics when it comes to treating our patients.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many medical treatment centers no longer have the best interest of the patient in mind.

That is why our goal and focus is to ensure that each and every patient gets the kind of treatment they actually deserve, regardless of the what they can or cannot afford it.

We are one of the few leading institutions out there that do not receive any funding or donations from pharmaceutical companies. That is why you can be assured when we provide opinions about specific practices it will be unbiased and not a “paid for” clinical trial where the results are altered to fit the hypothesis.

IIEHC at a Glance

Who we are

The IIEHC consists of medical experts, researchers and academics from all over the world.

IIEHC Director

Stanly Rogers has been in practicing and managing medical clinics in the health care industry for the past three decades.


Our focus is on constant innovation and research while maintaining the highest medical ethics.


Providing hands on medical and in field training for students and other special interest groups.


We are constantly on the lookout for ethical medical profssionals willing to contribute to our cause.

IIEHC journal

Providing academic research to medical professionals, students, researchers and IIEHC members.